Grade 2 Marble Movers!


The Pinewood Second Graders have just completed an exciting Science unit called “Making things Move.” This unit focused on identifying the 6 Simple Machines: inclined planes, wedges, screws, levers, wheels, and axles and pulleys. Students enjoyed exploring, observing and discussing how simple machines are used in making work easier and faster. They were also amazed to discover that we use these simple machines every day. Students experimented with objects from home, played on-line games, drew illustrations of each machine, and designed and presented  their own machines which were made from recycled boxes! To culminate the unit, students were given a problem to solve. They had  to move  a marble from the table to a bowl on the floor using various recycled objects that they had collected. Finally, students got together to test their strange machines. They all had lots of  fun  working with their partners to invent their  “Marble Movers!”

Mrs. Liza Tziatas and the Marble Movers!