Grades 3&4 Go on “The Path of the Olive Tree” Through the Greek Department


Grades 3 & 4 of our Elementary School visited the American Farm School last week. During the trip our students experienced how olives are made and collected. They also saw the machine that makes olive oil. They learned that it takes 6 kilos of olives to make one liter of olive oil. They became specialists in tasting and categorizing olive oil and olives. The students categorized the olive oil as either being fruity, spicy or bitter. They categorized the olives as bitter, salty or flowery. They observed the olive trees and how olives are collected, how to tell the age of  an olive tree, how to take care of an olive tree and where they are found. They were very lucky to get the opportunity to walk around and to see and touch the olive trees. The children were able to connect what they read about olives in class to real life.

Mr. Kostas Kois, Grade 3
Mrs. Dimitra Bentioulis, Grade 4
Mrs. Sophia Konstantinidou
, Elementary Greek