Host Country Studies trip to Olynthos

On Friday, September 21, Pinewood Elementary School students had a chance to visit the beautiful and well preserved ancient city of Olynthos, one of the biggest and richest archaeological sites in Chalkidiki.

The city was built on two flat-topped hills rising about 30-40 meters above the surrounding plain. We visited the “North Hill” section of the city in order to investigate how ancient Greeks built their houses, and most specifically study the “pastas” type Ancient Greek House Architecture. It was interesting to learn that most Greek houses were based around a central courtyard, and had almost no windows opening onto the street. We were surprised by the fact that Olynthos houses had big kitchens and much smaller bathrooms with charming ceramic bathtubs still found in situ. The highlight, however, of our tour was studying the “andron (men’s quarter),” and their very impressive floor mosaics, which are among the earliest known specimens of the Classical period

It was a beautiful clear, windy day, the first day of autumn, and Olynthos was our first educational destination. All I can say is Καλή Χρονιά.

Amalia Spiliakou

Host Country Studies Coordinator