IB 1 & IB2 Visual Arts Exhibition “Frames”


Young visual artists from Pinewood American International School of Thessaloniki are exhibiting their artworks of the last two years at Ilios Printmaking Centre in Neapoli. The Private View was a great success with visits from esteemed colleagues of the Art world and the U.S. Consulate. All our students presented their artworks skillfully and demonstrated confidence as well as deeper understanding of the Visual Arts. Anthi Argiriou and Panagis Koutsokostas, our visiting curators, asked them valid questions and promoted an interesting dialogue in relation to each student’s work.

The artists have explored a variety of subjects and challenges in order to create multi-layered artworks experimenting with techniques of painting, sculpture, digital art, photography, pottery and printmaking. In the current fast developing, mass producing, sensory overloading Western World,  “Frames”, much like 25 frames in second in film, is meant to offer the viewer a window into the artists’ worlds that changes rapidly with the blink of an eye. From Nefeli Chrysoula’s glorification of childhood, Marialena Dioneli’s satirical views on teenage relationships, Maria-Regina Hatzivalasi’s comment on female stereotypes and Iliana Karaoglani’s exploration of spiritual elements, to Toni Kirmanidou’s fallen princesses, Stefanos Manolis’s depiction of the duality of the self and Evanthia Nikolaidou-Edwards’s abstraction or racist film imagery.

The exhibition is going to be open until Wednesday the 18th, on  weekdays 14:00 – 21:00, at Lagkada 120, Neapoli.

Our very own IB Art Teacher Ms. Kapanidou was also interviewed before the opening on TV 100. Click here to see the interview.

Ms. Konstantina Kapanidou
IB Visual Arts Teacher