IB Visual Arts and TOK students visit the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art

The educational program in which the students participated, was designed and co-organized by Mr. Michalaros and Mrs. Spiliakou, in collaboration with the member of MMCA’ s Educational Team Mrs. Christina Mavini, who was the guide in all the parts of it.

In the first part of the visit, the students got a tour in the permanent collection of contemporary artworks of the Museum. The collection is comprised by some of the most important artworks of Greek modernism and postmodernism, which Alexander Iolas donated to the Museum in the past.

The students were able to ask their questions to Mrs Mavini, about the contemporary art and its conceptual aspects.

In the second part, the students had the opportunity to meet some of the people who work behind the scene at MMCA and who are mostly in charge of administrative responsibilities (curation, educational program, guarding of the exhibition spaces, etc). 

The goal of this trip was to give the opportunity to Pinewood Students see the museum not as a place consisted only by people with a background in Art, but as an institution composed by people from different fields of studies and backgrounds, which their responsibilities are mandatory, with great significance for the existence and the establishment of the Museum or any kind of event in it.

Please take a look at the picture slide show below to get a taste of what we experienced:

Mr. Dimitris Michalaros

Pinewood Art Department