IBO news

On Thursday, February 4, the IBO confirmed that it will offer a dual route for the May 2021 examinations. This means that the examinations will take place if the local conditions and regulations allow the conduct of examinations in May. At the same time, there will be a non-exam route for schools that are not able to conduct the May 2021 examinations. Given the current situation in Thessaloniki and Greece, it is expected that Pinewood students will sit the IB exams in May.
The IB understands the impact of this crisis on education and is dedicated to providing the best possible assessments for all students in these incredibly difficult circumstances. The May 2021 exam requirements have already been adjusted to address the loss of instructional time and in case the conditions in May do not allow the safe conduct of the examinations, there are procedures and policies in place to move to the non-exam route. IB Diplomas, Courses certificates and grades will be awarded for both routes and there will be no indication on the certificates and transcripts of the awarding route which was used.
This model was used by the IB for the November 2020 exams, where about 70% of schools worldwide were able to sit the exams. A similar percentage is expected for the May 2021 exams based on a questionnaire distributed to schools in January. Results from the dual route model in November 2020 were treated with equal validity by Universities and colleges and the IB is confident that the same will be true for the May 2021 results.
The path forward to the May 2021 examination session as presented by the IB can be found below.