Immerse Education Essay Competition

Each year, thousands of students from all over the world enter the famous Immerse Education Essay Competition in the hopes of winning one of our coveted 100% scholarship places.

This year four of our Pinewood Students have been awarded scholarships for attending a Cambridge or Oxford summer school through the renowned Immerse Education Essay Competition! They have worked hard to submit their original individual essays and their selection is not related to one another. They competed against just over 10.000 applicants in a competition that is at the forefront of scholarship opportunities worldwide. Their writing skills have now earned them a prize that serves as a passport to a bright future!

Immerse Education provides students aged 13-18 with unparalleled educational experiences. They offer exceptional academic enrichment programmes in the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge University, University College London and the University of Sydney


Congratulations are in order for: 

Duru Ceylan (Class of 2027), Yukai (Matteo) Huang, Sofia Papakosta (Class of 2026), and Mea Tela (Class of 2024)!  

Duru Ceylan (Class of 2027) was awarded a 50% scholarship for her essay titled: “What is history’s most significant invention?”. 

Duru is planning on attending the Engineering course of the summer school. 

Yukai (Matteo) Huang(Class of 2026) was awarded a 20% scholarship for his essay titled: “Modern Diplomacy: A Decline in Effectiveness”. 

Matteo is planning on attending the school’s International Relations course.


Sofia Papakosta(Class of 2026) was awarded a 20% scholarship for her essay titled: “What is your favourite literary genre and why?”. 

Sofia is planning on attending the school’s Creative Writing course.

Mea Tela(Class of 2024) was awarded a 20% scholarship for her essay titled: “Describe the ways in which playing is used to promote children’s development”

Mea is planning on attending the school’s Psychology course.