International Propeller Club Fundraising Dinner a Great Success

On Thursday, June 24, the International Propeller Club, Port of Thessaloniki, under the Presidency of Mrs. Annie Michailides and the Board of Directors, hosted the re-introduction of the annual fundraising event in support of Pinewood and our Costas Yakoumis Scholarship program.  The dinner, a great success, was also supported by keynote speaker Mrs. Jenny Bloomfield, Ambassador of Australia, Thessaloniki Mayor Mr. Ioannis Boutaris, Dr. Panayiotis Vlachos, members of the Propeller Club and the Thessaloniki community, Pinewood BoD members, teachers, parents and friends. The most inspiring moment of the evening was the speech of Juan Nieves ’13 as he accepted this year’s Propeller Club Award of Academic Excellence. In it, he shared his gratitude towards his parents for investing selflessly in his education. Congratulations to Juan and thank you to the Propeller Club and to each of the Pinewood parents and guests who supported us with their attendance.