Kent State at Pinewood

We are delighted to welcome two new members to our Pinewood community! Erin Wehrenburg, who will be working with Linda Kainz in Pre-Algebra and Linda Manney in English 8, is specializing in Middle Childhood Education. James Continenza, who will be working with Katerina Tsaloumi in Economics and World History, is majoring in Social Studies at the High School level. Both student teachers are from Kent State University in Ohio, USA.  Look for features of each in upcoming newsletters!  

James Continenza was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.  He is currently studying Social Studies Education at Kent State University.  Having been to Greece before, he chose to student teach in Thessaloniki because he enjoyed Greek culture so much.  In his free time, James enjoys singing and playing electric bass. He has been in numerous college musical groups, including a Men’s Chorus, Jazz Orchestra, and even a touring varsity level Show Choir.  He looks forward to getting to know the students and staff of Pinewood and hopes to have many great new experiences.    

Erin Wehrenberg is from Brecksville, Ohio and is currently in her last semester at Kent State University. She will graduate in May with a license in Middle Childhood Education with concentrations in math and language arts, as well as a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate and an ESL endorsement. Erin chose to do her student teaching in Greece in order to be surrounded by a new culture and, because English is not the first language of Greece, be able to work with students of many different heritages (the fact that Greece is a beautiful country didn’t hurt either!). Through other study abroad programs offered at Kent State, Erin has also traveled to Italy, Cuba, Ireland, and Germany. Back in Kent, Erin worked as general manager of the Kent State University’s student run radio station, Black Squirrel Radio. She also served as a volunteer DJ for three years for the same station. After graduation Erin hopes to teach abroad and is delighted to begin that path of teaching at Pinewood!