Kindergarten 1 Digs for Fossils


This week, in our Pinewood EYP unit, history and science came alive! Returning back to a time where dinosaurs roamed the world, our K1 Suns, learned all about these majestic extinct animals, their biology, natural evolution, environmental changes and their lost habitats.

After two-weeks of cross-curriculum courses, they put their scientific knowledge into practice, experiencing first hand what it means to be a paleontologist! They raised their sleeves, grabbed their trusty tools and begun digging in hopes of finding fossils. And what do you know, it seems Pinewood must have been a hotspot for dinosaurs! So next time you come to our campus, keep an eye out, you never know if one of those “terrible lizards” is still hanging around!

Mrs. Alexandra Valtzidou
Kindergarten 1 Teacher