Kindergarten Comets Around the World!

Kindergarten Comets have graduated! Our grown up students are ready to venture to new places. Some will happily join our Pinewood community, while others will travel to new schools. Either way, I wish them well on this exciting new journey!!

Speaking of journeys…….each year the Pinewood Kindergarten class takes its own journey “Around the World”. Having already learned a great deal about our earth and the solar system, the students were curious about the places they call home. Thus, we began with early maps skills; discovering the seven continents, mountain ranges, and oceans and rivers of the world. Our class is made up of children from Greece and other countries around the world, and so began our travels. We visited all the countries that we come from: China, Russia, Brazil, United States, Croatia, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy! It was fun, donning our pilot hats, boarding our Pinewood Airplane and getting our passports stamped! Through our journeys we discovered the likenesses and differences of people and places around the world. Our travels culminated in a huge international feast, which was so kindly offered by our very own kindergarten parents. Yummy!!

At last, our kindergarten journey has come to an end. We will never forget eachother and the fun times we had together!! GO COMETS!

Mrs. Tammy Mizas
Mrs. Cathy Theodorou