Make a Donation to Pinewood…Simply by Buying a Book!

In addition to the list of books that we will post specifically for students, such as the SAT Preparation book that is currently posted for our Juniors, all books and materials may be purchased by clicking on the logo under “Browse by Category” tab on the page.

The best part about it is that if you place an order with through our Pinewood Book Store, between 4% and 7% of your total purchase is donated to Pinewood in the form of vouchers for purchasing books for the school.  Thus, all community members are encouraged to shop through our website and to tell their friends, too. The more purchases made through our website, the higher the percentage-per-purchase we receive as a school from Amazon. And, if you have an Amazon account, you can still use it through our website. So, everyone wins…You receive the books that you want and Pinewood receives a donation from you!