Middle School ESL A Students Teaching Grade 2


Peer helping is one of the many ways students grow as individuals. It assists students to feel capable, understood and responsible. Peer helping provides communication skills, enhances self esteem, reduces loneliness, and supports academic and personal growth. Just before Valentine’s Day, Middle school ESL A students were given the opportunity to teach Grade 2 students how to make origami hearts. The peer helpers, Pengpeng He, Ren Bo, Wei Cheng Weng, Myrto Pascalidou, and Dimitri Orfanidis, had to first learn the project themselves and then guide younger students through the process. In preparation, the students first had to do their own research with writing directions to aid them in their demonstrations. Through this activity, Middle School ESL students were given a chance to showcase their abilities, practice oral communication, and develop their self esteem.

Well done!

Ms. Helen Dalakas
English Teacher and Librarian