Middle School Student Council Food Drive Project

In our city, they provide help on a weekly basis to families that lack the basic necessities, as well as homeless people, a group that has been drastically increasing recently. Such families and people are first visited or contacted by the Salvation Army to assess their situation and then they try to meet some of their basic needs.  For this reason, Pinewood families are asked to contribute a few of the following items: food, home products and seasonal clothing (see list below).  A box for this purpose is set up by the reception desk. The Middle School Student Council hopes that this project will help people in need to have a better time during the Easter holiday. This event commenced with a presentation from a representative of the Salvation Army, Mrs. Anastasia Arpatzi, to our Secondary School on Monday, March 19th with respect to the type of work the Salvation Army does in Thessaloniki and its significance.

Georgia Paliouris

Middle School Student Council Advisor

List of item/products needed:
Food Items Other Household Items
Dry beans, lentils Toothpaste
Pasta Toothbrushes
Canned food Detergent
Sugar Dishwasher liquid
Flour Cleaning products for the house
Biscuits Soap
Cereal Shampoo
Salt, Pepper Toilet paper
Vinegar Diappers
Jam, Marmalade  
Cooking oil