MYP Community Project


Since September, Pinewood’s 9 th and 10 th grade students (MYP 2 and MYP 3) have been actively engaging in the Community Project Service as Action Initiative. Participation in the Community Project gives students an opportunity to develop awareness of a need within their community and address this need through an action of service. 

The stages of the MYP project are:

1. Investigation – students investigate their interests, skills, and talents to consider opportunities
for service
2. Preparation – students plan the service as action experience
3. Action – students implement their plan
4. Reflection – students internalize the experience at various stages of their journey
5. Demonstration – students capture the totality of their experience in a presentation of their

To date, all students have completed the Investigation phase of their project and have selected a service of personal interest to them. Here’s a sample of what service as action our students will be engaging in:

  • Creating an informational website about local shelter dogs with the goal of adoption
  • Collecting money to donate to children that are war victims
  • Helping young people addicted to screens
  • Raising awareness about restaurant food waste
  • Assisting upcoming artists to share their art
  • Creating a social media campaign about environmental awareness


The coming months will prove challenging but rewarding for our students, as they continue on their community service journey. We look forward to the completion and presentation of their service projects later on in the school year!