MYP community projects 2023

Clean Parks for Everyone

The project is aiming to raise awareness of global warming and let people know about some ways they can help inspire other communities to take their own action. One of the project’s actions will be to gather students and parents and friends  from Pinewood community  to clean a local park on Friday March 24, at 13:00


Nefeli Belli, Mako Gu

You are Beautiful

This project was created with the help of wonderful artists who expressed how women inspire us in our works. Art has always been near us to show the beauty of this world, and this beauty is you.


Maria Yaryshevskaya

Helping Stray Dogs in Thessaloniki

The project aims to help people with the overwhelming choice that they can face when deciding to adopt a stray dog. The presentation categorizes different personalities and shows what kind of dog would be best suited for them.  Through this presentation, people can see that adopting from a shelter is not as intimidating as it seems.


Adamantios Alexiadis, Noemi Klag , Joana Nikolova


Plastic Bottles Cup Savers

The project aims to collect plastic water bottle caps from our local collection spots in Thessaloniki and donate them to the donation center which is an organization that collects plastic bottle caps and transforms them into wheelchairs for disabled Greek basketball players. 



Nicole Kouzounis, Aikaterini Dimitra Kizilitza 

Bringing life back to the Seih Sou Forest

The main area of focus for this project, is the Seih Sou forest near Thessaloniki. During the research it was found out that one main problem is the pollution caused by plastic bags, plastic bottles, glasses and other garbage that people leave in the forest. There are many areas of the forest without trees, due to fires or other natural disturbances. Many problems have been also caused in the ecosystem, and if it continues like this the animal population will decrease. In order for the problem to be solved  effectively, a field trip will be organized, so students can visit a part of the forest that is burnt and initially clean it from all the waste people have made. New trees will be planted to bring life back to the forest parts that are currently dead.


Maria Placer & Ifighenia Leontzini


Species under Threat

The project serves the community of social media users, advocating using posters about animals at risk of extinction and the related conservation efforts done for that specific species. By creating a profile, and eventually asking various organizations to re-post the work on their official website /social media profile, the project will reach out to many people interested.



Gabriele Cerullo

Avoid hazardous household waste

The project is about informing Pinewood students regarding the problem of hazardous household waste in the city of Thessaloniki. A campaign will be organized and published regaridng hazardous household waste and how to properly segregate and dispose of them.


Mengxi Chen