New After School Activities!


It’s nearly here! Semester II of the After School Activities Program begins Monday, January 29, 2018, all students must be registered again (even if they choose the same clubs as semester I) After School Activities run Monday – Friday, 15:00 – 16:10.

Register for Semester II

We are excited to announce two new activities:

  • Jewelry for Grades (Grades 1-5)
  • Pottery for Grades  (Grades 6-10)

There is now a second day per week of:

  • Drama Club (Grades 1-5)
  • HS Boys Soccer team (Grades 9-12)

Soccer clubs are now accepting more grade levels:

  • Middle School Soccer Club will now be for Grades 5-8
  • Junior Soccer will now be for Grades K-2

* Registration closes January 24 at 2 p.m.