Pinewood 10th Grade Physics Class Visits The Physics Department of the Aristoteleio University


On Wednesday May 11, the Physics Class in Grade 10 visited the Physics Department of the Aristotle’s University for a tour in the lab of electronic microscopy. The professor Dr. Dimitrakopulos and the PhD student Ms. Bazioti, explained to the students the principles of the operation of an electronic microscope, the function of all equipment that is used for the preparation of the samples and the interpretation of the resulting images. A sample needs very careful handling before it is ready for use which takes five to six days! When it is ready, it is so small that it is visible only under an optical microscope. The students had the opportunity to watch the operation of an electronic microscope and to see magnifications of high resolution that enables the observation of the atoms! Our hosts, answered all questions of our students and explained the importance of microscopy for several technological applications.

Mr. Iordanis Paschalidis
Physics 10 Teacher