Pinewood-AFS Collaborative Student Technology Project

Students from Pinewood’s IT 9 class and The American Farm School were involved in a collaborative project that lasted approximately 5 weeks.  The purpose of this collaboration was the use of the AFS’s MOODLE page and for our students to meet and interact with students from another school here in Thessaloniki through this medium.  Initially, each student wrote a biography wiki page which was uploaded for all participants to read, comment on and ask questions about.   Then our class was separated into five teams that corresponded with five AFS teams.  Each team was asked to write a critique about a movie or TV series and then upload the file onto the American Farm School’s MOODLE page.  Then each team commented on and critiqued the other school’s team assignment.

The project ran smoothly without any technical difficulties on the part of the students.  Through this experience our students learned how an e-learning platform is set up and used.  Students also experienced a new method of communication, which is broadly used around the world.  Pinewood students enjoyed reading the biography pages and meeting students from the American Farm School.