Pinewood Celebrates OXI Day

On Friday October 23rd we held our annual OXI Day Celebration. October 28th commemorates the day that the Greeks said a loud OXI-NO to Italian ultimatu m to surrender their country. That OXI-NO, was the beginning of Greece’s official involvement in the 2nd World War. Also, October 26 is an important day for Thessaloniki since it’s the Name Day of the city’s patron saint St. Demetrios.

All elementary and grade 6 students were involved in the preparation of the whole celebration. The students had the opportunity to learn more about that period of the Greek history through a variety of activities.

First grade students saw and discussed photos that were taken during the 2nd World War. They also made posters with Greek words using beans such as: “ΟΧΙ”, “1940”. They really enjoyed the project! Also, first graders recited some short poems about the war during the assembly.

Second grade students made a project about peace and sang the song: “πολεμε μείνε σπίτι σου” during the assembly.

Students in grade 3 prepared a theatrical “1940 Diary”. Grandmother Kalliopi narrates to her granddaughter Popi the story of the War through her old diary.

Grade 4&5 students sang two famous songs: “Πήραμε το Αργυρόκαστρο” which refers to one of the first Greek victories and the “The accordion” which talks about a young man who played accordion and died during the war.

Grade 6 students sang the “Apolytikio of saint St.Dimitrios”.

Throughout the whole performance, students were exposed to and practiced different parts of speech of the Greek language through history.

Filiana Zafiriadou
Sophia Konstantinidou