Pinewood Kindergarten Journey to NOESIS


Pinewood Kindergarten journeyed to Noesis and the Planetarium last week.  Our class explored the Universe in detail over the last four weeks.  The Big Bang set us off and we discovered the formations of galaxies, constellations, and our own solar system.  The kindergarteners learned all about the comparative and superlatives we use to describe objects in our lives and way out in space! If Thessaloniki city seems big, then certainly our planet is bigger, and the solar system is even bigger.  Is it possible to say the universe is the biggest? We did! The students were also able to apply new counting skills. Ordinal counting skills were applied to order the planets from the sun.  Recognition and ordinal counting of greater numbers were used to make beautiful constellations!! Learning new skills through fun topics and activities is what keeps Kindergarten Comets zooming forever forward to infinity and beyond!

Mrs. Tammy Mizas
Kindergarten Teacher