Pinewood Participates in ACMUN 2014!

The 9th annual ACMUN has gotten off to a great start with our students representing Portugal, Thailand, Mexico and Morocco.  We also have two charing positions, two ICJ seats, a Historical Council position and Marco Bustamante is the President of the GA. 

The students worked very hard to prepare, and have spent the first day brushing off the nerves and insecurities.  The broad range of topics from pharmaceutical rights to the Swat Valley, and black markets to the IMF seem to somehow all intersect somewhere in the myriad of human issues. 

To see high-schoolers tackling the issues on this kind of level, with the pressure of public speaking, is truly inspiring.

Another year of ACMUN has come to a close. This year’s conference produced a memorable crop of successes for Pinewood, not the least of which was a highly successful performance as the President of the General Assembly by our very own Marco Bustamante. Elisavet Chartampila, Kostantinos Kehriotis and Savvas Sfairopoulos added to the success by each garnering ‘Best Delegate’ awards in their respective committees. Andrea Arivella continued the noted success of our delegates by getting an ‘Honorable Mention’ for his outstanding work in the EU Council. Christina Constantinou, and Tony Pilato both rounded out the Pinewood experience by showing great effort and leadership as Moderators and chairs in their committees. One of the smaller schools at the conference, we attended with 19 participants, ranging from 4 year seasoned veterans, to 9th Grade 4 1st time delegates. I would personally like to congratulate all of you on a wonderful performance; you should all be very proud of yourselves.

Iam Harrington
MUN Advisor