Pinewood Students Participate in the 3rd Clean Up Campaign of National Parks


Last Sunday, April 21, a group of Pinewood Secondary students joined in the clean up of the National Park at the Mouth of Gallikos River near Kalohori, Thessaloniki. Pinewood volunteers showed commitment and cooperation working along side with many other volunteers in an effort to clean up the park from garbage, such as glass and plastic bottles, car tires and more, that caused great danger to the animals and birds in the area which is a major wetland and habitat for many species in Greece like the black Βuffalo, the flamingo, the Pelekan, frogs and wild ducks.

We were lucky to observe and admire the black buffalos, the flamingo and wild ducks at the Kalohori National Park last Sunday and appreciate the beauties of Nature as well. It was the first time for most of the students that took part in such an action and were amazed at the people’s negligence and indifference. Now, the students are aware of the situation and are willing to help more.

We look forward to our next volunteer work to help protect our environment and hope that more Pinewood students will join in our effort.

Maria Ndini ’14