Pinewood’s 3rd Annual Science Day!


Wednesday 6th April was a day devoted to the sharing of science throughout our school. From dinosaurs in Grades one and two to a huge array of science and Engineering projects from Grades three to twelve, there were opportunities to learn the answers to a multitude of cryptic science questions. Students from all grade levels presented their work with enthusiasm and explained their projects with confidence to their teachers, visiting parents and to each other.

Communication and collaboration is key to the development of new science as our IB1 Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science students had discovered over the past two months as they worked on their IB Group 4 project on ‘Health and Eating Habits’. Their thought provoking findings were presented to high school students, teachers and visitors with eloquence during a special seminar.

An important part of science day for the high school is the judging of projects. Six students from the Veterinary and Forestry departments of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki judged each student’s poster presentation and after careful deliberation decided on the winning projects. Our congratulations go to Middle School student Javier Aguilar Martinez for his engineering project ‘Can water produce electricity?’ and to high school students Sergey Chikunov and Konstantinos Chrysoulas for their Chemistry project entitled ‘Which type of sugar will produce more smoke in a smoke bomb?’. Our students also judged one another and voted for their favorite projects. Middle school students voted for High School student Arina Kocherga’s project, ‘Oxidation of a Gummy Bear’ and Middle School Winner Javier Aguilar Martinez was also voted as the High school students’ favourite.

Science Day for the High School Students ended with an award’s ceremony where certificates and prizes were awarded to the winners. The day was completed by an inspiring speech entitled “Light and Innovative Nanomaterials: The story of compound semiconductors” by our Keynote speaker, Dr George Dimitrakopoulos. During his speech Dr Dimitrakopoulos took us on a journey from the manipulation of materials on an atomic scale to the current and future applications of semiconductors including the technology appliances that have become an essential part of the way we live our lives!

The Science department would like to thank everyone involved in the success of Science Day, including Dr. George Dimitrakopoulos; student judges from AUTh, Dr. Eva Avramidou, Ms. Hermione Malliarou, Mr. Nikos Tourvas, Mr. Konstantinos Lyberis, Ms. Evagelia Kofidou and Ms. Katerina Leopoulou, Pinewood parents, Pinewood teachers and of course our wonderful students!

Dr. Clare Squires
on behalf of the Science Department