Career Day 2023


Preparation for the Career Day 2023

As our students enter High School, the question of what to study, and where can that lead careerwise, is increasingly featured in our Students’ priorities. To support them on this journey, Pinewood provided to Grade 9 and 11 students the opportunity to complete two psychometric tests, prepared by the established Orientum – Career Guidance Counselors company that has helped more than 10.000 high school and university students decide on their academic and career choices. 

The first test included a trait personality questionnaire and the second the professional categories a student might be interested in or not. The assessment was followed by individual follow-up sessions so that each student can go through his/her results with an expert, ACT psychology majors and Pinewood teachers. Students, teachers and ACT experts benefited all from that procedure and enjoyed this unique experience. 



As some students reported:

I got to know about some scales of the test, how it works, and what personality is. I asked the interviewer some questions and I got nice and clear answers. Overall I liked it, I found it interesting because I can get more information about myself even if it is only my personality in one day.”

 Elina, Grade 11 

”The interview helped me think for myself and made me question the results and accuracy of the tests. Throughout the interview, the interviewer made solid questions and presented them in a friendly and approachable manner. Moreover, the interview helped me question myself and my future career. It helped me go more in-depth and analyze the results in an appropriate way. Overall, the interview was great and presented many ideas for the future.” 

Gosha, Grade 11


As they enter High School, the question of what to study, and where can that lead careerwise, is increasingly featured in our Students’ priorities. To support them on this journey, we have invited 30+ professionals on our Thermi campus, who will share their career paths and answer student questions. Through this interaction, our aim is twofold: to offer real, on-the-ground, information as to what a job entails, and, also, reinforce the message that there is not a single way to success, and most people find their own unique path to their chosen profession

Students observe how studies and professions are connected, but also, how skills and attitudes they learn at school translate into real-world advantages.

An immense thank you to our prestigious speakers, who generously offer their precious time and support to make this day a success. Connecting our students to professional communities remains at the heart of what makes Pinewood special : Close and authentic Relationships.

30 Professionals JoinED

Thanks to Lawyer Michalis Spanopoulos from BSTB, Pharmacist Christina Karakassi, Fitness Athletics Penelope Tourtoura, International Artist DJ, Economist, Petros Maganeas, Software Engineer Ioanna Papadopouloou from Deloitte, Orthodepist Dr. Thanos, Psychiatrist Dr. Dinos Retselis, Psychologist Aimiliza Stefanidou, Argiculture Pagalos Kazakis, It Project Manager Dimitrios Katzigkas from Cedefop, Mechanical & Environmental Engineer/ Professor Perry Metzelou, Pilot Arcan Christos, Business Consultant George Kokkas, Eleni Sarianidou from Apifon, Dominiki Vagiani from Mamagea, Neuromarketing Analyst Dr. Christos Moridis, Electical Engineer Dr. Christos Frantzidis, content curator, TED speaker coach Katerina Biliouri, Dimitrios Kalogeropoulos Executive Director, Global Health & Digital Innovation Foundation, Ourania Lamprianidou from Urania Travel, Career counselor Spiros Michaloudis, Dimitris Kourtesis and Nikos Tsonis consulting, Pavlos Mitsopoulos Theater producer, Maria Stefanou, author, Athena Konstantinidou Architect and Sotiria Mitrosyli Manager at Google maps.