Presenting at the ECIS & AISAP Admissions Conference, Amsterdam


The Journey Towards a Modern Admissions Office

ECIS & AISAP Admissions Conference – Advancing Admissions: New Directions Forward

October 5th – 7th, 2017, International School of Amsterdam

Our Admissions, Marketing & Communications Officer, Alkioni Kloussiadis, presented her talk at the ECIS & AISAP Admissions Conference, held October 5 – 7 at the International School of Amsterdam. “The Journey Towards a Modern Admissions Office: The importance of an Admissions/Marketing collaboration” explored techniques and implementations for schools of all sizes and vital ways in which marketing efforts can boost the admissions procedure, and vice versa.

Alkioni’s talk put forth marketing theory & best practises as foundations for the proposal. This collaborative approach allows for more thorough, productive admissions, bridging the gap between Admissions & Marketing, which can effectively impact growth through simple implementations.

The audience were very receptive and a fruitful discussion followed the one hour talk, whereby Alkioni was able to advise Admissions Officers on simple ways to begin marketing their small schools even though they may not have the skills or time. For the larger schools with entire departments, she suggested channels and techniques to improve inter-departmental collaboration.

Feedback for the talk was very positive, many admissions professionals felt they did not work at all with their marketing departments, and could now clearly see the importance of such a focus, thus protecting the brand image, ensuring institutional longevity and providing an easy transition for newly recruited families.

Notably, Alkioni has been asked to turn this talk into an article for the International Admissions Bulletin in their “Admissions Toolkit” issue this January.