Science 6 Investigate and Evaluate!

The STEM subjects or science, technology, engineering and mathematics are growing in their importance as our world becomes more and more technologically advanced. The numbers of jobs requiring skills in these areas is predicted to increase hugely over the coming years. As such we must prepare our students with the knowledge and skills to understand and enjoy science.

Grade 6 students have made an excellent start to building up their science skills this year. To complete the quarter they carried out a group project to assess the role of technology in science by testing the acidity or basicity of common liquids using a range of procedures. Students learned to use a digital probe, traditional testing strips and finally their own red cabbage indicator to test pH. Students were able to see first hand that experimental data can be collected using a variety of methods, furthermore they noted that experimental results are not always reliable! The importance of evaluating their work was also introduced and students identified errors and proposed ideas on how they would approach projects in future. If you are interested in seeing the work of Science 6 first hand it is displayed outside Room 9.

Dr.  Clare Squires

Science 6 teacher