Science 6 participate in the Ocean 180 Video Challenge


During the week following exams Science 6 students spent their classes participating in the Ocean 180 Video Challenge which is a project sponsored by the Florida Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE Florida). Middle school students from around the world, including our Pinewood 6th grade, have been responsible for judging 10 short videos made by ocean scientists to present their most recent research to the public. 

One of the objectives of the Science 6 course is to introduce our young learners to the role of scientists in the workplace. This project was an ideal opportunity for students to see the types of research that ocean scientists do and why it is important to us. Here in Greece the sea is never far away and one of the videos was actually focused on the hidden archaeological sites of the Aegean sea!

Our 6th graders carefully evaluated each video and selected their top three choices. Their results have been sent to Florida along with their feedback which will be shared with each group of scientists. The videos that our students selected were:

First place: Wavecatchers and the Samoan passage.

Second place: How a microscopic team alters the course of carbon in the Atlantic Ocean.

Third place: Sponges of the Caribbean: What ecological factors most affect them?

Now, we will wait to see the results from the 42,718 middle school students who have participated worldwide! All of the ten videos, including the three winners selected by Science 6, can be seen at the website below.

Dr. Clare Squires
Science 6 Teacher