Secondary Science Fair 2018


Science Day 2018!

Science Day 2018 was indeed a day jam packed full of learning opportunities on the many varied disciplines of science. Students did a fantastic job of presenting their posters and  showcasing the fruits of many hours of study, research and experimentation. Teachers, visiting parents and students were able to visit and enjoy the hugely diverse projects on display. To mention but a few topics, students had investigated physical properties, hygiene, biological processes and the design and testing of a range of prototypes.

Middle School students voted for their favorite High School project and High School students voted for their favourite Middle School project. Our congratulations go to the following two students who were awarded honorary certificates:

Konstantinos Gkogkos (Middle School): Project title ‘Need for Speed’

Stergios Athanasiou (High School): Project title ‘ V.R. on a Budget’

This year’s science fair participants were also judged by a very experienced group of scientists: Rea Alexandri, Sotiria Boutsko and Aggeliki Argyriadou who are postgraduate students from the Faculty of Veterinary Science of Aristotle University, Mr. Christos Foutsizis, Computer science teacher at Pinewood and Mr. Christos Kosmidis, Laboratory technician at Pinewood.

We are very proud to announce that the winners of Science Fair 2018 are:

Martino Russo (Middle School) for his project ‘Can a solar oven work?’

Grigor Ylli (High School) for his project ‘Which whitening toothpaste works best?’

Following the awards, students also gained insight into the field of Food Technology.  Dr. Katsanidis, Assistant Professor at the Laboratory of Food Engineering and Processing, Faculty of Agriculture, Aristotle University, gave an exciting keynote speech entitled ‘Intelligent packaging of food’. We would like to thank Dr. Katsanidis sincerely for the glimpse that he gave us of future developments in food technology and the preview he provided of what to look out for during trips to the supermarket in years to come.

Our International Baccalaureate Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Computer Science students were also busy in the run up to Science Day. They completed a challenging collaborative project on the topic of ‘Car technology’. Students worked in multidisciplinary groups to research, collect data, design and carry out experiments. Students then processed their data and presented their findings to the whole of the secondary student body.

Pinewood Science Teachers would like to warmly thank everyone involved in this year’s Science Day and we look forward to Science Day 2019!