Seih Sou Middle School Orienteering Competition!

This past Wednesday our Middle School students competed in their first Orienteering competition on the hills of the Seih Sou forest, which overlooks the city of Thessaloniki. Before the start of the competition, students were divided into groups of three or four and each group was armed with a map and compass. The object of the competition was to race quickly through the forest to find as many of the 17 pre-positioned flags as possible in a one-hour time limit.

We were so pleased to witness students working together without the help of their teachers and chaperones – with their heads bowed over their maps in order to determine their next destination and all the while encouraging each other to do the best they can! This teambuilding experience saw students working their brains and bodies to accomplish a common goal.

The top three team results of the competition, as tallied by our guide, Mr. Kostas Koukouris, are as follows:

  • Maria, Galini and Carolina – 14 points
  • Marina, Karah and Niya – 14 points
  • Ben, Felice, Niko and Hikaru – 12 points

Congratulations to all students who displayed wonderful team spirit throughout the day. We’re all looking forward to the final Orienteering event, which will take place at Thermi Park on May 30th.