Sidewalk Math!


The Fifth Grade takes math outside.  Here are some student impressions and an accompanying slide show:

This is how we did our math outside. We drew numberlines on the basketball court with chalk so that we could practice adding integers. Mrs. Cindi chose teams of three people. There are many ways to learn something new. We used our bodies and hands for this lesson…and of course our brains. It was easy to understand how to add integers. We even made up our own problems and challenged each of our teammates. I had a great time doing math outside and I hope we do it again soon.

P.S. Math is fun!

Last week for our math lesson, we didn’t have to do the practice in our books, but we did it outside. We were “Adding Integers.” We were in five groups with three people each. We drew a numberline with chalk and added the negative and positive numbers. When we finished, we lined up and returned to class. This lessons was really fun!

Our class had an interesting math lesson outside. Instead of solving problems in our notebooks, we solved them on the basketball court. We were learning about how to add integers. We drew number lines that showed the positive and negative numbers. For example: If the problem “positive four plus negative one, “ we would walk on the numberline in the correct direction but always starting at zero.