Something More Than a Water Bottle


By Foivos Isakoglou

Plastic is taking over our lives. Deeply ingrained in our way of life, it can be found anywhere. From home to industrial use, for storage or transportation, plastic is always there for us to store, carry or wear. And when it is no longer needed, it gets disgracefully disposed of as plastic litter, amassed with dirt and filth. There is no doubt that we belong to a plastic-loving species. And yet no one seems to realize that anything plastic will stay plastic eternally.

Deeply concerned about the perpetual use of plastic in our everyday lives, IB 1 CAS students worked in close collaboration with Grade 5 students and Mrs. Varsakopoulos, in order make a follow-up measurement of the consumption of plastic water bottles over a 5-day period here, at Pinewood, this time under the scheme of the environmental campaign of “Let’s Do It Greece.” The outcome of this investigation is revelatory. 79 water bottles were collected, the estimated number of bottles over an entire school year being 2,844, which corresponds with an estimated cost of 1,422 euros. Admittedly, there has been a marked improvement in the amount of water bottles used, as compared to the last measurement of 8,885 water bottles with an estimated cost of 4,970 euros. However, it is of primary importance that we keep making an effort to minimize the use of plastic and, thus, harm to the environment.

Being plastic-loving, we have to recognize the responsibilities that we bear towards nature. Ethical and conscientious use of plastic products involves reusing the same product over an extended period of time and then recycling it. Alternatively, it can be dedicated to those of us who do not enjoy the same privileges. The plastic caps and bottles that we provided for the “Let’s Do It Greece” campaign will be given to philanthropic purposes, including funding for “The Smile of the Child” and the purchase of an electronic wheel chair. Get sensitized! Get involved!

Do not forget to enjoy the following video and get informed about the disastrous repercussions of the use of plastic on our planet!

Last measurement In 5 days: 79 bottles In a school year
(180 days): 2,844 bottles
Cost: 1,422 €
Previous measurement In 15 days: 766 bottles In a school year (180 days): 8,885 bottles Cost: 4,970 €