Spotlight on Students: Antonios Tsachtanis

The European selection committee judges the final, which is televised by ERT in February, and one musician wins first place and is deemed the best in the country.

This winner of each country is considered for selection to the European Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, a group of musicians considered to be the top European young musicians. The decision is taken from the International members of this committee who decide to choose a few musicians among all the winners from all the countries. In very rare occasions, Greeks have managed to be selected for the Orchestra since competition is extremely difficult.
Antonios’ sister, Ellie Tsachtanis, actually won the competition a few years ago, but was not selected for the Orchestra. Regardless, it was a tremendous achievement. Antonios is quite young, competing with people 8 years older than him, so the competition will be strong for him. However, it is still a great experience and opens the way for subsequent years.

A few weeks later, one of the top clarinetists in Europe is giving a one-week master class in Berlin and Antonios will travel to Berlin to participate. This will also be a valuable learning experience for him and will enhance his progress.