Spring has Sprung at Pinewood EYP!


Spring has sprung in the Pre Kindergarten classes this week!

Mrs, Anna Maria and the children in Pre K 1 spent time coloring their eggs for the forthcoming Easter Egg Hunt. The children used a variety of methods – wrapping the eggs in onion skins, wrapping eggs in colored thread and using elastic bands to make patterns. Peter Cottontail will be proud!

Next door in Pre K 2, the children enjoyed the company of 20 fluffy chicks – thanks to Dr. Clare Squires for arranging this annual treat! The chicks are now heading off to their new homes, probably for a little peace and quiet!

Next Friday, all the students in EYP, will travel to Perek in Monopigado to taste some delicious snacks and to join in the Easter Egg Hunt!From our youngest students – have a happy spring break everybody!