STEAM Club students win award at Aristotle University


I am very happy to announce that our STEAM Club students Tereza Mala, Rafal El Hares, Tristan Spanopoulos, Rukiye Meral Coban and Efthimis Triantafillidis have been awarded a 3D Design Award for their participation in the National 3D Design Competition organized by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Laboratory for the Didactics of Physics and Educational Technology. Attached you can find the Certificate, photos from their effort and their final artifact printed. The theme of the competition was languages and communication systems, and very specific guidelines concerning the geometry of a cup had to be followed. The words written on the cup are ‘’science’’ in the native languages of the participants, with hearts, which symbolize their love for science. The design process was very demanding, but our students were persistent, effective and with great lust to learn.

I must mention that all STEAM Club students (team 2-3 & team 4-5) have familiarized with 3D design and printing and even the youngest students (grade 2) have designed and printed at least one artifact which they took home. We chose to participate in this competition only because it was clear that it would serve our educational objectives.

The coming winter educators who participated with their students tn the competition form schools all over Greece, including us, will have the chance to present and discuss their work in a ‘’National 3D Design in Education Conference’’ which will be organized by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Congratulations, team!

Christos Kosmidis

Science Laboratory