Talented Writers in English 8


In our 8th grade English class, we were required to write short stories that our teacher later printed as a booklet called English 8 Short Story Writing Project.  The students worked hard to come up with these stories and to meet the deadlines our teacher set as we worked on the different sections of our stories. Our stories represented a variety of genres such as adventure, fantasy and mystery. Depending on the genre of the story, our teacher assigned us to different teams. These teams formed the basis of a Writers Workshop, in which we discussed our stories and then used the suggestions from our team members to improve our stories. During the Spring, the 8th grade class completed their elaborate short stories which show a lot of imagination.  Fortunately, all these stories have been collected together in a booklet, and a copy of this booklet can be found in our school library.

Anneta Lalova, Eighth Grade Class Officer, 2009-2010