The “Art of Hip Hop” Comes to an End!


This week, our Middle School Students concluded a five-week project on the two specific arts of Hip Hop: Graffiti and Break Dancing.  Pinewood was fortunate enough to enlist the expertise and enthusiasm of two young professionals from the local community to help lead our students through these intense project based seminars.  Each instructor helped their group create a final product that they can be very proud of.

The Graffiti group, led by Periklis Aristidis, consisted of 23 students who began their project in the classroom by learning and experimenting with methods of sketching using perspective and shading.  The remaining sessions were devoted to practicing spray techniques while completing a fantastic piece of wall art located in the school’s basement.  In addition, students pondered the question of whether or not this medium of expression should be considered “graffiti or art” and also explored other examples of street art such as 3D sidewalk art.

The Break Dancing group worked exclusively with their dance teacher Vasilis Zlentidis, aka bboy Saspens, who led these 17 students through intense physical dance workouts followed by a choreographed dance routine.  Their successful routine was presented at the end of the session yesterday and it demonstrated student confidence, style and flair. 

I wish to congratulate every one of the Middle School Students who approached this project with such enthusiasm, determination and positive energy!

Mrs. Linda Kainz
MS Team Leader