The Elementary School visits the Vergina Archaeological Site and Museum

They discovered impressive temples, monumental public buildings, an imposing palatial complex unique in its architectural characteristics, a theater and several “Macedonian” Tombs, the most important of which is the Tomb of King Philip II father of Alexander the Great.

Pinewood Grades 1-4 students visited the Tomb of Philip II, one of the largest of all “Macedonian” Tombs found in Greece. The monument was constructed of stone and consists of two vaulted rooms, the main burial chamber and the antechamber. The grandiose imposing facade is adorned with marble double doors, two half-columns and an extraordinary painted frieze immortalizing a hunt of lions, bears antelopes and boars in a semi-forested landscape.

Students enjoyed a day of myths, glorious history, fine arts, golden treasures, and … sunshine, serene countryside, games and fun.

Amalia Spiliakou

Host Country Studies Coordinator