The Middle School Orienteering Project Begins!

Session 1 Wednesday April 25 – 1:05-2:55 at Pinewood School

  • Introductory session to the sport of Orienteering and Orientation in the natural environment.
  • Students will actively participate in learning the techniques of map reading and compass skills to determine direction and distances.

Session 2 Wednesday May 2 – 11:30-2:45 at Thermi Park

  • Using a professional orienteering map and compass, students (as a group) will determine the best way to move through the forest in order to find preset control flags.
  • Students will discover the meaning of different map symbols, contour lines, and experience the difficulty of moving through rough terrain.

Session 3 Wednesday May 16 – 11:30-2:45 at Sei Sou Forest near Hotel Philipion

  • Orienteering Score Event – A 60 minute timed event whereby students, in groups of 2-3, will read a professional orienteering map of Sei Sou Park to determine the whereabouts of preset control flags in a restricted area of the forest.  Teams will be awarded a varying number of points for each reached flag, which will depend on the degree of difficulty of reaching the control flag.

Session 4 Wednesday May 30 – 10:30 – 2:45 at Thermi Park

  • Orienteering Timed Event – Pairs of students will read a professional map of Thermi Park and decide on a course route in order to reach all the set control flags and get back to the starting point in the fastest time possible.  The starting time of each pair will be staggered at 1-minute intervals.

Students will need to have the following items at Session 2-4 Events:  

  • Proper walking or running shoes
  • Lightweight clothing (layered)
  • A whistle
  • A packed lunch, a bottle of water in a small, easy to carry backpack or bag

We are very excited about the prospects of seeing our students actively enjoying the environment, participating in a new sport, and interacting with each other outside the classroom walls.  

Parents, if you are interested in joining us or have any questions, drop a line to [email protected].

Warm wishes for a wonderful Spring holiday.

Linda Kainz

Middle School Team Leader