The Playmobil Fair at Pinewood!


Earlier this month, Pinewood hosted The Playmobil Fair by the wonderful GRecobil Team! We had a fabulous time and so did all 5,000 of our visitors! A Pinewood mom and Playmobil collector, Penelope, suggested we host this fun event at our school – having seen the great fun visitors have had at their fairs in the past! She wonderfully organised this FREE event for collectors, children & their families and we welcomed visitors from all over Greece. Our Pinewood P.T.F.A. worked tirelessly selling raffle tickets and helping out with the games and activities for our younger visitors.See photo gallery

The Exhibition

The famous GRecobil Team, Greek Playmobil collectors, presented their work through small and big dioramas, made exclusively out of Playmobil! The Playmobil Fair was home to 15 unique diorama exhibitions which you can see in detail in our photo album. We had; Hercules 12 Labors, Dragons, Ghostbusters, Fairytale Games, Macedonian Phalanx, the Roman Legion, an amazing Amusement Park, a famous Circus of acrobatics, a School, a big Knights’ Board-game, a Skeleton & Ghost party at Halloween Mansion, the most famous neighborhood of Detroit, Apocalypto and the famous battle of Plattaea (479bc)!

The Raffle

Pinewood were lucky enough to receive sponsorship from our favourite, local businesses. They donated a total of 770 gifts and prizes to our super raffle – the proceeds of which went to our school’s P.T.F.A. The raffle tickets we sold raised a profit of €780 which will be used towards a brand new sound system for our students!

Good things..

Charitable organisation, Φροντίδα για το Παιδί raised an exciting €480 accross the weekend! We thank them for coming and all the wonderful work they do.

Raffle Ticket Winning Numbers:

– Νο 0748 3 month subscription at #bodyfit
– Νο 0865 3 month subscription at #bodyfit
– Νο 2122 Children’s party for 10 at Dynamite Paintball Club
– Νο 0023 Children’s party for 10 at στο Dynamite Paintball Club
– Νο 0919 Playmobil toy, code: 5386
– Νο 2803 Playmobil toy, code: 9219
– Νο 1350 Playmobil toy, code:  9220
– Νο 2769 Table for two with wine @ Nostissimo
– Νο 661 Tablet Turbox Rubic II from Plaisio
– Νο 1954 Two board games and one set Playmobil

Reserve winning numbers (if above winners do not collect their prizes)

– Νο 546
– Νο 2105
– Νο 931
– Νο 179
– Νο 474
– Νο 2284
– Νο 1660
– Νο 1852
– Νο 14
– Νο 1397

Επικοινωνείστε με την εκπρόσωπο μας κα Λεπίδα Πηνελόπη καθημερινά 10πμ με 5μμ και ΣΚ 10πμ με 2μμ στο 6944642038. 

Contact our representative, Ms. Penelope Lepida weekdays from 10am – 5pm and weekends 10am – 2pm on 6944642038.

A huge thank you to all our wonderful sponsors!