Video: The “Study in Thessaloniki” Initiative


Yesterday, our President Dr. Giampapa signed the MOU for initiative “Study in Thessaloniki” at the City Hall, with the public and private educational institutions of Thessaloniki. We are so proud to be a part of it! (look out for her in the video below at 1.15′)

The “Study in Thessaloniki” initiative was presented by the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Yiannis Boutaris and Deputy Mayor for Tourist Development and International Relations, Spyros Pengas. The Municipality’s intention is to become the center of study for thousands of young people parts of the world. “Study in Thessaloniki” aims to design long-term strategies and policies for the promotion and development of Thessaloniki as an international destination of education, to become a center of study and training.

Spyros Pengas notes: “Young people who have studied in Thessaloniki, who will love and stay with it, will give birth to ideas tomorrow, invest in new technologies, create business growth and new jobs. Hundreds of students… choose Thessaloniki as an educational destination and stay in the city for six months to three years. They appreciate both the quality of studies and their overall stay in the city, security and quality of life, while returning to their own countries, they become the best ambassadors of Thessaloniki. “