Ms. Eleni Zarimpa


Ms Eleni was born and raised in Greece. She holds a BSc in Nursing from the Technological Education Institute of Larisa. She is a Registered Nurse in both Greece and Ireland. Over the last 5 years, she used to work in Dublin, at first as a Medical Nurse in an Acute Medical Assessment Unit and later on as a specialized Operating Theatre Nurse and a Preceptor to new qualified nurses and students. Living abroad she could follow her dream of travelling the world and collaborating with people from multicultural environments. Eleni has recently joined Pinewood with the prospect of building a career in Education as a School Nurse. She holds her first MSc in Health Management from the Frederick University of Nicosia, her second MSc in Education Sciences from the Hellenic Open University and a Preceptorship Course among various Medical and Surgical Training Certificates. “If you always do the same, you will never receive different things”. “Growth begins at the end of your comfort zone”.