School Bus

Pinewood offers optional school bus transportation to the main areas of Thessaloniki and its suburbs for both morning and afternoon pickup/drop-off. Door-to-door drop-off and pick-up cannot be accommodated due to narrow roads and the school’s usage of large coach buses, we have many drop-off/pickup locations in and around Thessaloniki.  Our school bus routes service the following locations:

  • Center of Thessaloniki
  • Kalamria
  • Panorama/Thermi

Our bus routes are established at the beginning of each year to accommodate rider requests as close as possible to the address that is provided during the enrollment process.

Pinewoods Elementary Division has 3 buses that serve the above areas, and our Secondary division also has 3 buses that serve the same areas.

All our school buses comply with the applicable regulations of the Hellenic Republic Transportation Ministry. Our Elementary students under 12 years of age are accompanied by bus monitors on and off the school bus.

For bus routes, times, and questions, contact [email protected]