Pinewood’s institutional partnership with Anatolia College is based on the shared values of our mission statements and the American identity of each school. As a proud member of the Anatolia College family, Pinewood serves as the international school within the larger institution.

Our partnership allows Pinewood to launch into a new era. With strong enrollment, strong community, and strong commitment from our Board of Trustees, we are poised to advance our mission into the future by expertly balancing tradition and progress.

Our case for support focuses on our new Secondary School facility which offers students an exceptional academic, social and physical environment conducive to modern, flexible learning in Thessaloniki’s only international school. Support for this project helps ensure that Pinewood continues to develop well-educated, innovative, and responsible leaders of tomorrow.


The new Secondary School facility includes:

  • Large, flexible classrooms with movable walls
  • Two state-of-the-art science laboratories for biology and chemistry
  • Modern innovation design studio for the nexus of physics, technology, and design
  • Naturally-lit visual arts studio
  • Spectacular, yet intimate 2-storey library
  • Indoor gymnasium with fixed seating for athletics and performances
  • 2-storey central atrium hall for daily and extraordinary student activities
  • Wellness suite for student learning support, counseling, and care
  • Courtyard cafe for gathering and socializing


We invite everyone to take part in creating a lasting legacy by making a donation to a brighter educational future at Pinewood!


As a non-profit organization and part of the Anatolia community our fundraising efforts aim to improve 3 main critical areas:


Well-rounded learning requires the tools necessary to engage students academically, physically, and socially. An advanced, multicultural curriculum is best supported with access to the most recent innovations in technology, literature, and educational supplies. With your contribution to our educational equipment fund, Pinewood can continue to renovate and provide modern facilities to our students and faculty to enrich their learning, teaching, and collaboration.


The creative, innovative, and caring leaders of tomorrow start with the gift of education without financial burdens. Students are better equipped to learn, socialize, and develop responsibility when they have access to an equally elite curriculum as their peers. By contributing to student scholarships, you will help future Pinewood families better support their child’s self-actualization and ignite a love of learning for years to come.

Educational Programs

The schools of tomorrow are supported by the inspired students of today. Educational support programs and student-led initiatives create a safe community and a stimulating learning environment where students are encouraged to explore new interests and take charge of their learning. Your donation to our educational programs will help students unlock their full potential through curiosity, wellness, and institutional support.




We look forward to sharing the building progress and timeline for completion for the Secondary School at the Anatolia College campus. If you are interested in contributing to the development of our new Secondary School facilities, please download the attachement below and contact us about exploring the campus naming opportunities. Additionally, contributions to support campus-wide initiatives can be made towards three critical areas of funding: educational equipment, student scholarships, and educational programs. Donations can be made directly via bank transfer, see the following details:


IBAN Number: GR56 0172 2160 0052 1609 3292 325



Comments: Pinewood Donations [Area of Funding]

***Note: Currently, donations can only be made directly to the IBAN number 


You may contact the Pinewood Development Office at 00302310301125 or email us [email protected] for more information on how to donate. 

Pinewood is an American  non-profit  educational institution operating in Greece, Thessaloniki, providing education from PreK1 to Grade 12.  



Fundraising critical areas


As a non-profit organization and part of the Anatolia community our fundraising efforts aim to improve below main critical areas:

  • Provide funding so that students, regardless of their financial status, continue to have the opportunity to achieve their dreams

  • Campus enhancement project – Educational equipment

  • Invest in the future of Pinewood in Greece

  • Introduce and improve educational best practices in our community 

  • Student Scholarships


Small events to raise money 


Our administration together with Student’s Councils and the parents, teachers and the friend’s association, each year organising events or initiating projects within school grounds to raise money for improving school/student’s life.


Giving back to our community  


Pinewood students, teachers, and staff volunteer each year providing hours of community service. During the school year pinewood is constantly raising awareness for community, presenting initiatives led by students and supporting our local community. 




In loving memory of Mr. Costas Kois


MR. COSTAS KOIS Fundraising for AHEPA  

Duration: February 2020- February 2021 



Donations can be made by bank transfer below:

IBAN number: GR56 0172 2160 0052 1609 3292 325
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Anatolia Community, Fundraising for AHEPA

Duration : 30/3/2020 – 04/4/2020