Boarding School

Frequently Asked Questions

Each double and single room is furnished with its own bathroom, bunk beds, a closet, and drawers for storing clothes, as well as a student desk and chair.

Boarding students will have 3 meals a day, including breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner, which are freshly prepared daily and served in the dining hall on the first floor. Students also have the option to take a packed lunch from the dining hall to school during class hours.

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the boarding residence and all shared facilities on the Anatolia College Campus. Additionally, students will have access to Wi-Fi at the Pinewood Campus.

The boarding residence offers a range of amenities, including libraries, sports courts and fields, a gymnasium, all located within the campus, as well as a multi-purpose room inside Ingle Hall. The multi-purpose room is a relaxing space that features a billiards table, foosball table, board games, and other recreational activities, as well as access to computers.

To ensure the safety and well-being of our student residents, our boarding department has a psychologist, and multiple advisors available on-site 24/7 as well as a nurse every day and a doctor on call.

The dormitory is a short 5-10 minute walk to the new Middle/High School and IB Building.

Admission Process - Dormitory Student Requirements​

  • Complete and submit the online application form via the Pinewood website.
  • Interview with the Admissions department
  • Schedule and take the admissions test
  • Meet & Greet with the Middle/High School Principal
  • The admissions department refers dormitory applicants to the Dormitory Liaison and Boarding Department Committee
  • Applicant and family interview with the Boarding Department Committee
  • Families will receive a copy of the Dormitory Rules & Regulations and the Dormitory questionnaire.
  • To secure the student’s boarding room for that academic year, a 50% payment of the dormitory fees is required at the time of enrollment, before June 30.
  • Dormitory documents* 
    • A signed copy of the Dormitory Rules & Regulations agreement
    • Vaccination records, up to date with the Greek vaccination guidelines
    • ADYM – Individual Student Health Report (must be completed by a Greek doctor)
    • Permission to go off-campus form signed by student and parents
  • A valid Greek Residence Permit (Except for EU citizens or Golden VISA holders).
  • Documentation of valid health insurance coverage for the student must be provided, at the start of each school year, and must be valid from the time of entry into Greece until the time of departure.Prospective students who opt for the boarding option must be less than 18 years old at the start of their studies at Pinewood, to be eligible for a Greek residence permit.

It is the responsibility of the parents to visit the closest Greek Embassy/Consulate in their home country to obtain a D-VISA for entry to Greece and to apply for the Residence Permit at the Immigration Office. 

You may find details and requirements for issuing a type-D visa here, and for applying for a residence permit here.

* A digital copy shared with [email protected] and a hard copy shared with the dormitory staff upon arrival.

Information for Boarding Residents

Student Residence Halls Location: 

Ingle Hall Anatolia College Campus – Pylaia, Thessaloniki – Greece


Located on the stunning Anatolia College campus, our boarding residence is just across the street from the new Pinewood campus. Situated amidst breathtaking views of Thessaloniki’s city center and the Thermaikos bay, it provides an idyllic setting for students.

Our boarding residence is a secure gated facility that is under 24-hour surveillance, ensuring the safety and peace of mind of both parents and their children. 

Interested students from Grades 7-12 are welcome to stay in Pinewood’s boarding residence. While students from Grades 7-11 will share a double room with a roommate, those in Grade 12 will be provided with a single room. Boarding students also have access to an on-site laundry room, gymnasiums, and outdoor spaces on the Anatolia College campus.

The boarding facilities are open throughout the school year, except during the Winter, Spring, and Summer Breaks, during which all students return home.


Pinewood students who are residing at the Anatolia Residence Halls, and their families, are able to contact the Dormitory Liaison, Ms. Smaragda Spyrou, in case they have concerns or experience difficulties. Regular meetings between the Dormitory team of Anatolia and the Pinewood School Psychologists are held, as well as after-school visits, and planned group activities, to ensure the well-being of the students, accommodate their needs, and create a smooth transition and adjustment.


Boarding Accommodation Fees

Boarding Fee Breakdown
Annual School Tuition*€13,050
Boarding accommodation (includes housing and meals)€11,500
Capital Levy (One-time fee for new students)€2,500
Total: €27,050

* Tuition fees may be subject to change for the following academic year

 ** The Capital Levy is used to support the maintenance of our facilities, purchase curriculum supplies, and update our digital technology and resources.
Please note: Financial Assistance is not available for students applying to/enrolled in the Dormitory.

Included in the Fees

  1. Single rooms (Grade 12) or double rooms (Grades 7-11), furnished with a private bathroom, bunk beds, a closet, drawers, and a student desk and chair.

  2. Three daily meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, served seven days a week.

  3. Wi-Fi access throughout the boarding facility and Anatolia campus.

  4. Access to all student lounges, libraries, gymnasiums, laundry rooms, and outdoor spaces located throughout the Anatolia Campus.

  5. A gated campus with 24-hour surveillance and security for safety.

  6. On-site residential staff available 24/7, including a nurse, boarding director, psychologist, and boarding department advisors.