Going Home

A Bright Pinewood Future

The affiliation with the Anatolia College

In 2019, Pinewood established an institutional affiliation with Anatolia College.  The school instituted a new Board governance structure in line with our new affiliation with Anatolia College. This allows Pinewood to return to a beautiful campus and share rich educational facilities and resources to grow in collaboration with its institutional partner, while will remain a distinctly different school with an International curriculum exclusively in English.

Pinewood EY/Elementary building EY – G6

Pinewood Secondary Building G7 – G12

A New home for the Middle & High School (Grades 7-12)

After 2021 fall’s architectural design competition of 8 prominent firms from Thessaloniki, Athens, and London, the Pinewood Board of Trustees approved the expertly modern design of A.N. Tombazis & Associates Architects in collaboration with Micromega Architecture & Strategies for the new Pinewood Middle and High School facilities. These purpose-built facilities, whose layout creates an environment akin to a campus within the campus, is carefully designed to collaborate with the beauty of the existing Anatolia College campus and environment. We look forward to sharing the building progress and timeline for completion. Estimated move in date September 2024.



Campus Naming Opportunities

Going Home is the largest and most exciting building project in Pinewood’s history. It includes a new, modern, purpose-built construction for the Secondary School complemented by an expertly renovated Early Years & Elementary School. The new Pinewood complex is a forward-thinking model of a ‘campuswithin a campus’ on the grounds of Anatolia College.

With community support, our new modern facilities will give Pinewood the opportunity to further the school’s mission and meet our next generation goal as a first choice among international day & boarding schools in Europe. Our new facilities are essential in supporting this goal through

  • a personalized, interdisciplinary, and inquiry-based experience
  • a teaching and learning culture that cultivates global citizenship
  • an environment that fosters meaningful relationships with self and others
  • a network of connections to American partner schools for student exchanges
  • a focus on education for the common good
  • a school that empowers every learner to succeed

Each of our new facilities is designed as a campus within a campus, as our students will have their own exclusive facilities while also enjoying the shared use of the rich resources of the Anatolia campus, including sports fields, science labs, libraries, theaters, and beautiful outdoor spaces. 


Early Years 

In our new facility, our EYP1 and EYP2 students will enjoy a separate and dedicated building and playground on the lower campus. This will allow our youngest students to learn and play in a safe, age-appropriate environment designed just for them.


In our new facility, our Kindergarten students will be housed in the lower Elementary wing alongside our Grade 1 students. At the same time, Kindergarten students will continue to share a playground with the Early Years students. 

Grade 6 joins the Elementary School

Another significant addition in our new facility is the introduction of Grade 6 into our Elementary School. After years of evaluating the needs of students at this critical age, we have decided that their placement in the upper Elementary is the best fit for their developmental and learning needs. As the new leaders of the Elementary, Grade 6 students will have a host of opportunities to lead, learn, and grow before transitioning to the demands of the Secondary School


One of the most valuable aspects of the Pinewood-Anatolia partnership is that Pinewood will relocate back to the beautifully natural environment of the Anatolia College campus in Pylea. Historically, this is where Pinewood was established 72 years ago and where we spent most of our existence growing as a school

The Pinewood-Anatolia partnership is an exciting new step in our school’s history as we work to secure the next century for the current and coming generations of Pinewood students. At the same time, our transition is carefully designed to preserve our traditions. Thus, it’s important to emphasize that each of our schools maintains its individual identity and leads with its own faculty, staff, and administration. For Pinewood, this means that we remain a distinctly American school and continue to offer a dynamic international curriculum taught exclusively in English.

1st Year of EY/Elementary operation at the Anatolia College Campus