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General Student Information


Students in Grades 3-12 are required to bring their laptops to class every day.


Resources and textbooks will be distributed and or shared during the first week of school. All textbooks including Greek lesson books will be provided free of charge. IB diploma program books for Grades 11 & 12 are required to be purchased by the students. 

Student school email

Students in Grades 3-12 will have their own GMail based email-address. Log-in details will be shared with the students during the first week of school. Log-in details to online resources will be also shared during the first week. 


Uniforms are mandatory for all students in Early Years – Grade 10 during Physical Education classes, which are taught two times per week, and when attending off-campus Field Trips throughout the academic year. Pinewoods uniforms are available for viewing and purchase at Hondos Center Department Store. Hondos Center, Apollonia Politia, Pylaia, Thessaloniki, Across from IKEA Shopping Center, 1st floor. FIND THEM HERE

Food Options & school catering

There is a canteen located at our Secondary Campus in Thermi for our students from G7 to G12. The canteen accepts only cash and it operates daily from 8:30 to 15:30. We also offer a catering option from Elena Gourmet for our secondary students only. Elementary students, please check with the Business Office for more details.

Grade 11 STUDENTS enrolled in our International Baccuealarete Diploma Program

Students in grades 11 must purchase the books that they will be used for both years (grade 11 – IB1 and grade 12 – IB2) of their IB courses. The books for each course (standard or higher level) are listed in the book list on the link below. Students must have ALL books for their IB courses on the first day of school – September 12, 2022. You can order the books online from Amazon, or a local bookstore, such as Konstantinidis Books ( Α textbook is not required for certain courses. A digital textbook and/or a combination of printed material from different sources will be used in these classes, provided by the school at no additional cost.

School Supply Lists

ManageBac is the leading curriculum-first learning platform serving over 3000 IB World Schools. Through ManageBac you can check the students absences and secondary report cards. You can even allow us to know that the student will be absent.  Please download the ap.



SchoolsBuddy will allow parents to book parent-teacher conferences. Parents can choose individual sessions they need or make block bookings for one or more children on the same screen.

ClassDojo is an interactive application that connects teachers with students and parents to build strong classroom communities. ClassDojo allows parents to become engaged in their child’s classroom. Whether it is through the Class Story, School Story or via messaging, ClassDojo allows the school to share kids’ most inspiring learning experiences.

The Pinewood Continuity of Learning Plan outlines 3 possible scenarios for learning in low, medium, and high risk environments caused by the current public health crisis. These include on-campus, hybrid, and distance learning models.

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