Student Councils

As written in the constitution, the purposes of being in the Pinewood Student Councils are to be ambassadors of school spirit and to promote harmonious relationships throughout the entire school. The Student Councils provide a forum for students’ voices and are successful in developing a curious, creative, and caring mindset. Pinewood’s Student Councils have achieved many things during the 2019-20 school year including organizing numerous bake sales, school-wide sports activities as well as a massive food and toy drive for children in the intensive care unit in Ippokrateio — The General Hospital of Thessaloniki. In addition to improving school spirit with frequent events like this year’s spirit week, the Student Council was constantly brainstorming, thinking, and active in their actions and meetings even during the COVID-19 pandemic with Zoom calls on a weekly basis.

The purpose of the Student Counsils:

  • To be ambassadors of the Pinewood school spirit
  • To develop curious, creative and caring thinkers
  • To promote harmonious relationships throughout the entire school
  • To provide a forum for students’ voice




Student Council Representatives

HSSC President: Alisa Otchertsova
HSSC Vice President: Anastasia Raicevic
Grade 12
President: Pavlos Wagner
Vice President: Valentin Boychev
Grade 11
President: Kelly Hu
Vice President: Yangyang Ren
Grade 10
President: Christina Rallis
Vice President: Kalypso Isaidou
Grade 9
President: Alexandra Diamantopoulou
HSSC Advisors: Dr. Apostolos Rofaelas, Mr. Dimitrios Charalampidis


Student Council Representatives

Grade 8
Aleksia Parisi
Cleo Tzikas
Max Bernard
Grade 7
Annelie Spanopoulos
Grade 6
Levi Lowry
Duru Ceylan
Tristan Spanopoulos
MSSC Advisors: Ms Alexandra Valtzidou, Ms Vassiliki Blioni










Student Council Representatives

Grade 5
Anna Ayoub 
Helena Vakali 
Grade 4
Theodoros Ioannidis
Leila Ioannidou
Grade 3
Zehra Akkaynak
Christina Leontzini
ELSC Advisors: Ms. Erin Trotter, Ms. Yemi Solomon