Pinewood is committed to providing the highest quality and most contemporary education to its students while taking into consideration the economic demands of our families. In doing so, we are pleased to maintain our tuition and fees at no increase for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Pinewood Tuition Fees 2021-2022

*above fees are annual tuition fees.   
Capital levy is a one time fee only for new students. 


      BUS SERVICE: 1,050   annualy,  2 ways (650  one way)

      DORMITORY FEES: 11,500   annually per student in a double room (G12 students – in a single room)

      **SEN SUPPORT (Special Education Needs – upon assessment – we provide shadow teachers and extra support)


  • After School Activities / Clubs
  • Books (not included: IB books  for G11,G12 and Greek Government books)
  • 4 Field trips
  • Digital Resources, Access to Platforms
  • Extra English Language Support – as needed


  • 2nd child discount 5% on tuition 

  • 3rd child discount 10% on tuition

  • Ιn case of student transfers between Anatolia College and Pinewood, each school’s corresponding payments’ and discounts’ policies apply automatically

  • Full payment discount 5% on tuition, if paid by Sept. 15, 2021 

  • Bus discount for 2nd child 15%,  3rd and more children 25%

* *SPECIAL EDUCATION NEEDS (SEN) Support is offered through the Student Services Department. The fee is based on a 3 Tier system and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Find more HERE.


  • An Application Fee of 60 euros per child is due and payable at the time of the application. The amount will be deducted from the tuition fee once the student is enrolled.  
  • The Tuition and Fees are an amount that includes tuition and any other school fees as approved by the Board of Trustees. Tuition and Fees are non-transferable. 
  • The Capital Levy is an enrollment fee only applicable to new students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.  Families with a child enrolled in Kindergarten pay 600 euros of the Capital Levy and are responsible for the remaining balance (1,900 euros) at the start of Grade 1. The Capital Levy is not applicable to exchange students.
  • Fees and the capital levy are paid in 3 installments.  
  • New parents are required to pay the deposit as soon as they are accepted, the deposit is set at 2,000 euros for Elementary and Secondary students and 1,000 euros for Early Years students.
  • The Transportation Fee of 1,050 euros is an additional and non-refundable fee for those who choose bus transportation. The school offers the option for a one-way route with an amount of 630 euros for the school year. A sibling discount is applicable as per the discount table.
  • The Boarding Fee is a fee for students who choose to reside in the Pinewood dormitory located in the Anatolia Campus. The yearly fee is 11,500 euros. 
  • Upon registration each school year, parents and/or legal guardians shall receive a Pro Forma Invoice for each child enrolled at the school with the deposit and installments amount and due dates. Under special circumstances, the school can require full payment of tuition and fees prior to enrollment. 
  • As per Law 4713/2020 ((Article 7§3), non-re-enrollment of a student is possible in case of non-full-payment of tuition fees for two (2) school years. 


Early Years and Elementary Division:

  • If a student attends 13 or more school days in a given trimester, the payer is responsible for paying the School Fees for the entire trimester.
  • If a student attends 12 or less school days in a given trimester, the payer is responsible for paying for those days that the student attended the school.
  • For the 2020-2021 academic year, Trimester 1 starts on September 7,  Trimester 2 on November 26 and Trimester 3 on March 5.

Secondary Division:

  • If a student attends 20 or more school days in a given semester, the payer is responsible for paying the School Fees for the entire semester. 
  • If a student attends 19 or fewer school days in a given semester, the payer is responsible for paying for those days that the student attended the school.
  • For the 2020-2021 academic year, Semester 1 starts on September 7 and Semester 2 on January 22.

Early Disenrollment Procedure

  • Any amounts due, shall be paid.
  • All books and other materials belonging to the school shall be returned prior to the issuing of any report cards or transfer certificates.
  • Tuition fees will not be refunded for a student who is expelled or who has to leave for behavioral reasons. 
  • If a student must withdraw from the school for any reason during the course of the school year, the Admissions Officer must be notified at least one week in advance of the withdrawal date in order to allow time to prepare the required disenrollment form that needs to be completed and signed by the parent/guardian.

Bank Information

Fees may be paid by direct deposit or transfer to the following school bank accounts or via credit card online. 

For the credit card payment please indicate the amount you want to pay and inform [email protected] who will then send you the link for the payment. You can also find our bank account details below:



Papagou 36, 57001 Thermi,
Tel: 2310-487495, Fax: 2310-487492
Account No: 720 00 2002 003099
IBAN: GR45 0140 7200 7200 0200 2003 099
Swift Code: CRBAGRAA


An. Paramana Square 1, 57001, THERMI
Tel. 2310-460500, Fax: 2310-461846
Account No : 5216-055583-332
IBAN: GR 21 0172 2160 0052 1605 5583 332
Swift Code: PIRBGRAA



For payments made from within the U.S. only:

Routing Number: 021307559
Swift Code: COUYUS31

* Please indicate students’ names on the transfer note