3d Design by Pinewood


Times are changing and 3D printing is one of the most impactful technologies of the new era. All elementary students are learning 3D Design and 3D printing using different design software. The 3D Design Curriculum  is based on research developed by the school’s faculty on Spatial and Geometric thinking. Students’ designs are printed by the school’s 3D printers. The result is an impressive collection of White Towers, Skyscrapers, robots, pyramids and castles which is expanding and enriched by increasingly demanding and challenging designs.  Soon our students will hold their artifacts in their hands.

 Each item is unique and of high esthetic value. It reflects the interpretation of basic forms in diverse ways depending on the student’s perspective. The whole collection is also unique, since it’s rare for an advanced technology like 3D printing to be used to such an extent by school students.